My 2019 Intention: Redefinition

Hello and happy new year friends! In my earlier post, I reflected upon 2018 and the lessons I've learned along the way. In this post, I want to tackle the concept of new years' resolutions and goal setting.

In this year, I am focused on redefinition. I need to redefine some of my associations with things that can ultimately make me a better version of myself. I'm redefining how I feel about setting resolutions. I'll admit, I didn't always see the point of goal setting. As a child, I never really set new year's resolutions. Perhaps in many ways I realized when I was younger than many of the things I wanted to resolve were out of my control. Now that I am older, I realize that I have a little more control over *some* things. So with that in mind, I am working on building the habits that will ultimately better me in the long run.

I am on a continual, life-long process of understanding myself and my own personhood. For the past two years, my goals have (mostly) stayed the same. Progress, however, has varied. This year, I'm switching things up. By publicly sharing what I hope to accomplish this year, it is my hope that you as readers will join in my accountability. I hope my openness can inspire the same in you. If you are reading this and you are a goal-setter who has struggled with staying on task, I am here with you. Here are some tips that I'll be trying to incorporate into my goal setting this year.

Helpful Goal Setting Strategies

For my friends who were RAs in college or work in education, you might be familiar with the concept of SMART goals. This is a helpful acronym to remember as you set your goals. SMART goals are:






I've decided this year that I will be following this formula as I set my own goals.

SMART Goals in Practice

SET SPECIFIC GOALS. In my experience, the ambiguity in big-picture goal setting leaves room for idleness and not working towards my goals as often as I'd like. So in 2019, I'm going to try to be specific as possible.For example, one of my goals this year is to read more. Instead of simply writing down "read more" in my list of goals, I intend to read at least one book per month.

AIM FOR ACTION-ORIENTED GOALS. Exploring behavioral changes will help me be more forward thinking. Similar to setting specific goals, my action oriented goals are to help me build better habits. Let's say one of y(our) goals is to save money. Instead of writing down "spend less money," try instead to track everyday spending habits such as "only go to Starbucks twice a week."

BE REAL WITH YOURSELF AS YOU SET YOUR GOALS. As someone who struggles to maintain goals and stay on task, I know I need to create goals in a way that does not overwhelm me. Incremental change, while it may seem like it's not much, demonstrates a longer commitment to growth over time. I know myself enough to know that it's highly unlikely that I'll go zero to one-hundred regarding some goals; a lofty goal that I don't have the right discipline to uphold will make me feel like a failure. So, instead of saying I will go to the gym every day, I intend to try a new fitness class every month like yoga or barre or boxing. Perhaps my friends with classpass can send me a code for a free trial.

Dan's Other Goal Setting Tips

DO make a visual representation of what you want to accomplish. Whether it is in a notebook, vision board, or digital file, put your goals in a place where you can revisit them as often as you like. Special shoutout to friends and hosts of the podcast Good Friends, Good Luck Kayla and Jordan who hosted a 2019 visioning brunch today. During our workshop, Kayla guided us through Kimothy Joy's "Wheel of Intentions" sheet. It was so helpful to see areas I wanted to grow and sustain.

DO set deadlines where applicable to check in with yourself. Does a monthly check in make sense for your goals? What about quarterly? Mid-year review? Or maybe, right around your birthday?

If you like podcasts, then I strongly suggest listening to Gettin Grown's goals episode from last year. In it, there is a greater review of SMART goals and other great tips.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2019. In this new year, I intend to...

....journal as often as my spirit sees fit.

....connect to a therapist

....plan more trips

....try one new fitness class each month (at least) one book each month

....bring plants into my apartment

....connect to other creatives

My word of the yearREDEFINITION

I'll be redefining my relationship to therapy, fitness, food, and leisure

Thank you for reading and thank you for keeping me accountable. If you'd like to share some your resolutions, comment below. If you want to join me along this journey, subscribe or join my site.

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