That time I tried to do a #100DayProject.

In the spring of this year, I embarked on an ambitious journey to complete a #100DayProject. I was inspired by my friend Kayla and her boyfriend Jordan for embarking on a project of their own. At the time, I was in a rut and looking for something to lift my spirits up. So I decided to engage in #100DaysofWords.

I have never engaged in a sustained challenge like this one. For 100 days, I tasked myself to engage my creativity and use of words. I left it open ended to words and not just reading or blogging or writing poetry because I wasn't sure what words would flow out of me. I struggle with journaling because my two main forms of reflection often include sarcasm and self-deprivation. So I decided to balance out my words and thoughts with the words and thoughts of Black women. In addition to this challenge, I tasked myself with only reading the works of Black women this summer.

I must acknowledge that my 100-Day Project is part of the launch of this space I have created for myself. Engaging in his project has reminded me how much I enjoy reading and writing. Forcing myself to set time aside was a commitment I was willing to make most days.

The truth is I did not complete the challenge. I did not engage with this project for the full 100 days. However, I did achieve my goals.

In full transparency, I completed around 85 or 86 days of words. If we subtract the days where I counted homework assignments as engaging with words (I love a good loophole), then the count is somewhere around 80 days. I lost count somewhere during my flights and never turned back. I kept a Google doc logging my progress, but I usually updated it every few weeks. I knew I had completed the challenges daily, but I often forgot to write down what day I did.

The old version of myself would consider this number a failure, but the new version of myself that I am continually working on becoming is happy with this growth. I am extremely proud of engaging the project at the completion rate that I did, especially for my first go around. What I've learned from this project is that despite how free and easy-going I like to approach things, I could benefit from providing myself more structure. Had I given myself clearer instructions, such as "write for one hour" instead of just "write today," I could measure my consistency.

This project re-centered me. I am a writer although I struggle to recognize that part of myself. Because of #100DaysofWords, I have seen the evolution of my thoughts and views. Althought it has been a week since the official end of the project, I am still engaging with words. This project gave me courage to try. I need a break from this regiment, but I look forward to picking this back up soon.

Have you ever done a #100DayProject? How did it go for you?

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